Key Practice Areas


Crisis and Issue Management

All companies large or small, publicly traded or privately held are prone to crisis and face issues in a dynamic economic environment. Proper crisis preparedness and management can protect a company's reputation, brand equity and market share, as well as the confidence of all internal and external audiences. As one of India's most experienced issue management and crisis communication firms, India InfoMedia has helped clients emerge from a variety of crisis situations with their reputation and businesses intact. Corporate crises of various hues and dimensions, industry issues such as liquor prohibition, regulation of liquor and cigarette advertising, punitive taxation on products are some of the issues that India InfoMedia has managed nationally through successful use of mass and direct media. 

Business Intelligence

With crumbling of trade barriers and advancement in communication through internet the phrase, 'world is your marketplace' has become a reality. As a result, the information needs of Indian corporates have increased manifold. Simultaneously, the sources of information have also increased. India InfoMedia has developed skills and technology to effectively monitor the development in a particular industry or domain.

Corporate Social Communications

India InfoMedia has been actively involved with the Srinivasan Services Trust (SST) a social unit of Sundaram-Clayton Ltd and TVS Motor Company, which is presently active in the states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. Given the market scenario, where the corporates are becoming more conscious of their responsibilities towards the society and the environment, CSR has become an integral part of their functions. India InfoMedia has been assisting clients in this endeavour by formulating and implementing communication strategies and messages.

EnviroScan Services

India Info Media prepares weekly reports on various industry segments sourcing information from print media, internet, TV and industry chambers. The report on a particular segment acts as a single time-efficient guide covering relevant issues like advertising/ marketing strategies, corporate moves, policy issues, brand launches, M&A activities, regulatory environment and other areas. Leading players in the industry including ITC, Brown-Forman and government clients like the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) are subscribing to the customized reports.  Delhi Jal Board, International industry bodies like the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) also  subscribe to India InfoMedia's detailed monthly analytical reports.

Highlights of the service:

  1. Comprehensive- coverage in print, TV and Internet domain
  2. Widest array of sources - 70 dailies (across the country), 40 periodicals and 10 news channels
  3. Daily mailers through e-mail (news as it appears from four centers in the country -Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Bangalore)
  4. Prefatory notes to weekly reports (go through, get through format)
  5. Ready availability of clips of past two years (storage on sturdy SQL based data management software for efficient storage and easy retrieval at a future date)

Government Relations

Direct interaction with governmental institutions is an area that assumes importance both in public affairs and corporate affairs management. India InfoMedia has a symbiotic alliance with one of India's best known government relations firms.

Media Relations

Trust and confidence of the media won over the years as a credible, comprehensive and timely source of information is one of India InfoMedia's biggest assets today that can be leveraged for effective media relations strategy. It has been working towards creating valuable editorial inputs for media and clients based on the citadel of a high degree of understanding of the media psychology and having a high degree of credibility amongst vast network of business and general media spread across all important centres .

Media Orientation Workshops

Media can be an ally in communicating desired messages to the target audiences. However, understanding media psychology and principles of communications is a must for any fruitful media interaction. India InfoMedia has executed communication training sessions for top management of ENRON, ITC, Shaw Wallace, Intelligroup Asia and many other organisations.

Online Perception Management

The internet has emerged as the most potent from of news media in the past decade. Its 24x7 onslaught of news, views and counterviews require constant attention especially if one wants to carve out a niche for one's business in the numerous many. India InfoMedia understands that perception can be far different from the mirror reality and often it is the perspective that dictates perception. It has over the years serviced its clients' online perception management needs, helping them formulate and present the right perspective to their current and potential stakeholders.

Personality Profiling

Personality profiling is fast emerging as a specialized field. Many of the well known personalities in the social-scape today enjoy an image that has been carefully constructed over the years. In corporate scenario, more often than not, the perception of the person occupying the corner office impinges upon the public perception of the organization. For a perception management company it is an important area to focus on.