Corporate Image Building

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is imperative for companies, irrespective of their size and scale, to cultivate and sustain a long-term relationship with its stakeholders, both internal and external.  Corporate reputation management is vital in orchestrating and building a positive and favourable image of the company among its target audiences.

Crisis Communication

All companies let it be large or small, publicly or privately held are prone to crisis and face issues in a dynamic economic environment. From financial, stakeholder and employee conflicts to safety and environmental emergencies, an organization must be prepared to respond swiftly and effectively. Proper crisis preparedness and management can protect a company’s reputation, brand equity and market share, as well as the confidence of all internal and external audiences. Over the years, India InfoMedia has been involved with some of the most riveting corporate crises or issues in the country and it has helped clients emerge from a variety of crises situations with their reputation and businesses intact.

Digital & Social Media

In this age of internet, digital & social media help in facilitating effective business interactions. India InfoMedia is well-equipped with the tools that are required to create content relevant to the client needs.

Public Affairs

Direct interaction with governmental institutions is an area that assumes importance both in public affairs and corporate affairs management. India InfoMedia has a symbiotic alliance with one of India’s best known government relations firms. It offers critical expertise to its clients in a variety of marketing, branding and operational decisions to manage immediate issues and long-nurtured reputations through efficient strategic communication that earns the trust of the public, opinion makers and policymakers.

Media Relations

In-depth understanding of the Indian mass media and professional equations fostered through years of mutually beneficial association are India InfoMedia’s most valued assets that can be used for effective media relations strategy. With increasing specialization in mass media, the interest areas and needs of information are diverse. India InfoMedia understands the respective specialized needs of various media and has resources specializing in writing for varied media.

Personality Profiling

Personality profiling helps businesses to engage with their audiences, employees & stakeholders, as individuals. Since it allows corporates to establish an appropriate name in the market, for a perception management company like India InfoMedia, this is an important area to focus upon.

Media Training

All forms of media could be allies in delivering desired messages to target audiences. However, understanding media psychology and principles of communication is a must for any fruitful media interaction. India InfoMedia has executed communication training programs for senior managers leading Indian and transnational corporations.